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Made in Cayman: Must have local products in the Cayman Islands

Date: 15 Apr, 2019

The Cayman Islands have a lot to offer when it comes to locally produced food and gifts. Here’s a closer look at some must have treats, tipples, keepsakes, and more!


Cayman's Pepper Patch Jelly in a jar

Seven Fathoms Rum

Rum is a quintessentially Caribbean drink. One of Cayman’s locally distilled brands is Seven Fathoms Rum. Founded in 2007, creators Nelson Dilbert and Walker Romanica were inspired by the Bacardi company’s claim that the awards given to its rum were partly due to the vibrations of passing trains churning the drinks.

In Grand Cayman, the pair took this process to a new level, harnessing the power of the gentle waves of the Caribbean Sea. With the help of a team of divers, the rum is aged at a depth of seven fathoms, 42-feet, to be precise. Made from organic sugar cane, find this smooth, full-bodied rum at local liquor retailers, or visit the Cayman Spirits Co. distillery in Industrial Park, George Town.

Seven Fathoms Rum pictured on a beach in Grand CaymanTortuga Rum Cake

One of the Cayman Island’s top selling souvenirs, these moist cakes are hand-glazed with Tortuga Gold rum. Produced in a wide range of sizes and flavours, they are made from a secret family recipe with more than a million baked annually.

The Tortuga company was started in the 1980s by Robert Hamaty and his wife Carlene. The cakes were originally introduced as a restaurant item by Carlene, but due to widespread demand, in 1990 the company opened a dedicated bakery, where the cakes are still made today.

Tortuga Rum Cakes are available at a wide range of local retailers, as well as at the Tortuga Rum Cake bakery in Industrial Park, George Town.

Tortuga rum cake displayed on a desk with a mapCayman Pepper Patch Pepper Jelly

Handmade and created by Carol Hays, the award-winning Cayman Pepper Patch Pepper Jelly is a remarkably tasty concoction.

Carol started making Cayman Pepper Patch Pepper Jelly in 2007. The main ingredient is Scotch bonnet peppers sourced direct from Carol’s own backyard pepper patch. Once she has picked the peppers, Carol spends her weekends crushing them through the protection of a mask and snorkel.

Some of the most popular uses are as an accompaniment to salads, as a spread on toast and bagels, as a glaze for meats, and served with cheeses. The jelly is available in a wide range of sizes.

Find it at local supermarkets or purchase it direct from Carol at the Farmers & Artisans Market, held every Wednesday at Camana Bay.

Image: LEAD Pepper Jelly credit Patrick Gorham small

Caption: Cayman Pepper Patch Pepper Jelly is grown in Grand Cayman

Alt Tag: Cayman Pepper Patch Pepper Jelly jar on a bed of scotch bonnet peppers

Beach Bubbles

At Beach Bubbles you’ll find a wonderful array of 100 percent natural soaps, creams, body butters, and lotions, all handmade in Cayman by Nina Squires.

Nina uses a wide range of skin-friendly organic and natural ingredients such as goat milk, coconut milk, and natural plant products. She can also create a vegan version of any soap upon request. You’ll find a wide range of deliciously scented and island-inspired options on offer such as mango, Cayman breeze, and coconut.

Visit the Beach Bubbles store in Bodden Town, Grand Cayman.

Beach bubbles handmade soap displayed in a gift box

Mermaid’s Touch

Mermaid’s Touch owner and founder Kelly Reineking has long practiced lionfish culling to help curb the population of this invasive species. With an appreciation for the beauty of this invasive critter, in 2016 she started repurposing the fins and spines of these remarkable fish into jewellery.

She has since expanded her jewellery line to include iguana scales, which she obtains from the government culling programme and a corporate initiative. Her distinctive items are not only beautiful souvenirs, but they are also a fantastic way to support the continued preservation of Cayman’s environment.

Find these unique items at the Farmers & Artisans Market, held every Wednesday at Camana Bay, at Pure Art, the Cayman Turtle Centre, VIVO Restaurant, and Lobster Pot Divers. 

Lionfish jewellery necklaces

CouxCoux Oil

Known locally as “Cayman’s Coconut Factory” this line of 100 percent natural skin care products by Pam Champoux are built entirely around coconuts.

Pam started making her skincare range in 2015 after she struggled to find products that her family could use due to allergies. Pam uses oil from locally-grown coconuts along with other essential oils, resulting in a line of products that is entirely free of chemicals.

The range includes cleansing liquids, scrubs, sunscreen, shave gel, deodorant, and even toothpaste. Keen to limit her environmental impact Pam also produces a range of all-natural flour from the leftover pressed coconut meat.

Find CouxCoux Oil at local retailers, including supermarkets, as well as at Camana Bay’s Farmers & Artisans Market, held every Wednesday.

CouxCoux oil is made from coconuts in the Cayman Islands. Here, displayed on a tablehere.

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