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Activities & Attractions in Cayman Brac

Despite its compact size, Cayman Brac offers a wonderful range of activities and attractions for those looking for a bit of adventure. Popular activities include hiking, caving, and even rock climbing. The island is also rich in flora and fauna and several tour operators offer eco tours. Of course, you’ll also discover world-class diving beneath the waves.

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Cayman Brac Heritage House

A living example of Caymanian heritage

+1 (345) 948-0563
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Cayman Brac Island / Nature Tours

Cayman Brac is all at your fingertips when you book a tour

+1 (345) 916-4874
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Cayman Brac Museum

An exciting window to the past

+1 (345) 244-4446
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Rock Iguana Ltd.

Ascend or rappel down ancient cliff faces

+1 (345) 936-2722
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